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More than just a night out

Club Coppia - More than just a night out

Night Club Lighting Improves Dramatically With LEDs

If you are the owner of a night club, you almost certainly understand the difference that good lighting can make. While most clubs are intended to be fairly dark, there are certainly places that are in need of proper illumination. For example, your patrons need to be able to see what is going on when they walk up to the bar and to be able to easily see your drink selection and to find their money or credit cards.

LED night club lighting is a fantastic way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space while ensuring that your patrons are able to see clearly when it is needed. Whether you are just looking to improve the look of your bar or stage or to create a new look for the entire club, you will find that there are numerous LED lighting options to help you achieve whatever look and feel it is that you want to create in your night club.

Need Stunning Bar Furniture?

Most of us visit bars on a regular basis, whether in a hotel or pub setting or an individual establishment on your local High street, country village or town centre. Bars are fun places to be and a great meeting place.. It’s where we go to meet friends, enjoy social activity, bump into old acquaintances and make new connections.

Part of the attraction is the ambience of the bar surroundings; it is this that creates the throb of the atmosphere, the excitement or the soft, subtlety. This indefinable element rests largely on the type of  bar furniture you install.

So where do you go to look for pub furniture? It is not advisable to go to pick a furniture supplier at random in the hope you can order in bulk. Choose a specialist  that understands the manufacturing process for bar and pub furniture.

This is true whether you are looking for simple bar stools or more elegant sofas for a lounge area. A bar is simply not a long top with some stools alongside. There is usually a large area in front of the bar for different seating. Take a look at your premises and ascertain the style and layout. What about fixed benches along the walls? Will your venue be used for entertaining on a commercial basis and you will require pub style banquette seating?

There is a vast range of wooden chairs on the market which are usually popular in pubs and bars for informal seating. You may like to think about metal chairs, depending on your atmosphere, or some simple plastic side chairs.

Bars exist in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, sport clubs, public houses, cafes, casinos, conference centres and across the entire breadth of the leisure and hospitality market.

It is always advisable to find a company who has a UK manufacturing factory as well as having close links with Italian factories specialising in the manufacture of wooden and metal pub furniture.

Look for bespoke pub banquette seating for the individual touch as well as bespoke pub table tops, complete pub tables and many other wooden items. In line with the atmosphere and style of your pub or bar, consider pub furniture such as pub side chairs, pub bar stools, pub low stools, pub armchairs, and pub tub chairs. If you match these to the same range you will complete a look that holds an image that best suits you and your location.

How To Choose Bingo Bags

When you hear the word Bingo, you probably think about a bunch of little old ladies playing the game in a church basement on a Saturday night. Statistically, it is said that there are literally millions of players that span both genders and age that enjoy this pastime internationally. If you happen to be one of them, then perhaps you are looking into the different kinds of Bingo accessories available to keep you organized when it is game time. The first thing that comes to mind could be Bingo bags as they are meant to systematize everything you need to enjoy the game fully.

If you play enough to warrant more than one dauber, it is thought that Bingo bags could come in handy for you. However, there are so many available for purchase, finding one to suit you and your playing style may seem a little daunting. Things like how much you play or whether or not you bring along good luck charms or any other type of gear all weigh in on the size and style of the bag you should choose.

Generally there are three different sizes of Bingo bags available for purchase today. Smaller bags offer the slightly more than occasional player a convenient place to store the one or two daubers and other small items. Medium bags are well suited to those who play five to six times a month while the largest bag is built for those who enjoy the game of Bingo anywhere from once to four times a week.

Denim or a heavy weight canvas is normally used to provide durability but there are a lot of novelty fabric options as well. If you prefer something a little more fun than a plain solid color, printed textiles offer you the chance to let your personality shine through your particular bag. Depending upon the size of the bag you choose, the number of pockets meant for daubers vary. Bingo bags feature anywhere from one pocket all the way up to twelve in some cases.

By shopping around online at various stores, you may be able to find a deal where the manufacturer has included a certain number of ink daubers with their bags, essentially making it a kit. Some retailers even offer custom embroidery for your name or phrase that they in turn sew onto the bag. Even if you do not play Bingo yourself, these would make an excellent gift for the Bingo lover in your life. Regardless of how often you play or the amount of Bingo accessories you have, there most certainly is a Bingo bag on the market today that will meet your needs.